Only dead fish go at the same speed and in the same direction as the current

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I have a question for you: what is the opposite of "courage"?

Would you say “fear”?

What if I told you that the opposite is “conformity”?

Moving forward in life, growing up, improving oneself, in sport or more broadly in everyday life, requires finding the energy to move forward. It requires putting one foot in front of the other and working. It’s not glorious, you just have to do what you have to do and always a little better than the day before. Decide where you want to go and do whatever it takes to get there.

Then to really improve, you have to find the resources to go beyond normal, increase the average, find more consistency and this at a higher level.

The danger is that the routine will bring some comfort. Better no surprises than bad surprises, right?

So to languish in conformity is an act of cowardice. Going further, higher and beyond your comfort zone requires courage.

But the real question is: does being brave take more energy? Is it really more difficult? When you reflect on difficult times past, when you showed courage, really, whatever the situation, was it really more difficult, emotionally, physically, financially, psychologically?

Going with the flow is so easy that even a dead fish can.

So you, be a nonconformist. Be brave!

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Le plus difficile ce n'est pas d'avoir du courage, c'est de passer sa vie à vivre à contre courant, d'avoir perpétuellement à se justifier dans ses choix et d'essayer de faire comprendre qu'il sont justifiés par une logique même si ce n'est pas celle des poissons morts.
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