Who are we ?

Commepiedsnus started its online shoe sales activity in 2010 and quickly became the # 1 site for minimalist or barefoot shoes in France.

Where does that name come from, a bit, surprisingly? Well, it comes from the fact that we all like to be barefoot, but that just isn't always possible.

What if we could wear shoes that respect the shape and functionality of our feet?

Shoes that would give us the same sensations and the same freedom of movement as being barefoot, while wearing shoes?

That is, what if we could wear shoes and feel like bare feet? This is the origin of the name Commepiedsnus!

And as we grew and more and more people joined the movement that we initiated in France, questions arose around what to call these thin, flexible, wide and exterior-sensing shoes.

Initially we were talking about minimalist shoes. But this word "minimalism" refers a little too much towards asceticism, deprivation.

And we are looking for the opposite! Discover more sensations, a closer relationship with the nature that surrounds us and improve our balance and posture.

So the word barefoot-shoes came from Anglo-Saxon countries. But that's an oxymoron! Either we are shod or we are barefoot.

Wearing “barefoot shoes” doesn't mean anything.

And so we have now decided to call the shoes "minimalist" or "barefoot", commepiedsnus!

Commepiedsnus is therefore this online sales site and a physical store at Paris, au 58 avenue de la République.

We are here to help you discover the benefits, happiness and comfort of unconstrained shoes, which respect your feet and therefore your body.

Our team

The boss is Peter you inevitably know him he is on all the videos, but if a tall Dutch blond who always has a smile, always positive. He is the founder of Commepiedsnus. He started from his garage (a bit like Apple) 10 years ago, he's the one who is at the origin of the minimalist movement in France and that's class not? His role ... well, he does a bit of everything a boss does in a company, but above all what he likes is relations, marketing and communicating with our community.

The man of the shadows the one who manages the logistics, the site, the after-sales service, the support, the telephone, the chat and many other things still, our Swiss Army knife our e-commerce manager is Vincent. From the back store, he does everything he can to ensure you have the best possible experience on our site and satisfy your requests. If you go to the store you may come across him, he sometimes comes out of his den to chat with our friendly visitors.

If you have already visited us in store, you probably know our Master Shaolin Stephan (without laughing he teaches kung fu on your free time). Master in science minimalism, barefoot, foot well-being and mobility, its mission is to ensure that you leave the store with a smile on your face and want to learn more about how the well-being of feet.

Our mission

To offer you the best shoes in the world or rather the best suited to your needs and the well-being of your feet.
Support you in your choices before, during and above all after your purchase. How? 'Or' What? By listening to you, by always offering you more content, by exchanging with you on social networks, by organizing events with professional partners in health, sport and literature.
Commepiedsnus.com is your site dedicated to barefoot shoes and the well-being of your feet.