How to choose the right minimalist shoe for sports practice?

Excellent question, thanks for asking!

Not to be smart, but we'll answer the question with another question!

It all depends on the activity and "performance" you expect from your shoes.

We don't believe in magic shoes, in shoes with incredible technologies that deliver performance for you.

We believe the technology is you. And the strength and flexibility of your feet is part of it. And to be strong, you have to strengthen them, make them work, like any other part of your body.

And obviously we must also follow the moments of work and effort with moments of rest, because it is at rest that the body repairs itself and becomes stronger, more resilient.

As a reminder, the word "resilience" designates the ability of a body to resist a shock.

So here are some things to consider in your choice. You are looking for:

Sensations: choose a model with a thin sole

Protection: a thicker sole

Shoes for use on hard ground (eg asphalt) will have a harder rubber to better resist wear. On the other hand, for better grip (on wet rock, in mud) a soft rubber will be more appropriate.

Martial Arts

Many martial arts are practiced barefoot. Why? Because the hundreds of thousands of sensors that we have under each foot help in balance, guide the rest of the body in the precision of the movement, the force to be applied, the posture.

The balance comes from three places: the inner ear, the eyes which allow us to perceive the horizon (and therefore a horizontal line) and then the exteriorception of his feet (the influence of the outside on our body) .

Racket sports

In the practice of racket sports - Tennis, Badminton, Squash, etc., the practitioner will lean on the front of the feet, in order to maintain maximum mobility, to be able to turn and move quickly.

Be careful, however, as barefoot shoes have little or no cushioning under the heel, you should stay on the forefoot all the time, which can be difficult in some game situations.

Fitness and Bodybuilding

In the practice of the disciplines around Fitness and Bodybuilding, balance and posture are, once again, essential.

It is preferable to be in direct contact with the ground, with a minimum of interference from thick soles and stiff shoes.


Many people think of running as an innate, natural activity. This is true, but at the same time, modern running shoes with their “technologies” (guide rails, anti-pronation supports, magic foam, etc.) have profoundly changed the stride of practitioners and weakened their feet. a technical gesture, which must be (re) learned.Nike footwear can help in this learning which must be done gradually while respecting your body.

Other applications

We can have pleasant surprises, for example, in golf, having more sensations can influence the stability and quality of posture and the movements of the swing.

For open water swimming, these lightweight shoes offer some protection without hampering swimming movements too much.

One last word, since there is no such thing as magic shoes, your athletic performance will depend on you, on your ability to maintain the right sporting gesture over time.

Don't go too fast. Your feet have been used to being “protected” for too long. You have to strengthen them gradually, just like the rest of your body ...

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