In a simple sentence, choose your shoes with your feet, not your head!

What does it mean?

Too often, we tend to buy shoes according to a shape, a color, a brand, which is "fashionable", compared to the "rules" dictated by the professional environment ...

OK, that's understandable

But when it comes to barefoot shoes, we ask you to change your perspective.

For a moment, forget the dogmas of fashion. The ideas of the self-righteous, what “others” will say or think and think about the choice you have:

  • Our feet are wide at the front - with a strong big toe that helps stabilize us. So why put them in pointy shoes that don't have the shape of our feet?
  • Our feet are movable with toes that have to press on the ground - why then lock them in shoes with a stiff upper and sole?
  • We were born with our feet flat on the ground, the heel level with the front of the foot.
  • What could be the logic of raising the rear of the foot (the calcaneus or heel bone) with an artificial heel…? We find it pretty, especially in women.
  • We have hundreds of thousands of nerve sensors under each foot that allow us to sense our surroundings, help us with our posture and balance - so why are shoe soles thick?

And above all, our feet carry our body day after day and are so important, why neglect them so much?

The first thing you do on the way home at night is to take off your shoes with a big OUF! of relief. This is neither normal nor necessary.

On weekends and during holidays, happiness in summer is to be as barefoot as possible.

We, with Commepiedsnus, suggest that you wear shoes every day that allow you to have that feeling of being barefoot, while being shod and therefore protected from anything that can hurt or dirty?

Choose wide, flat, thin, flexible and comfortable shoes. Mostly comfortable!