How to choose the right Vibram FiveFingers.

So you don't get the wrong size, here's how to measure your foot.

Stand with your back to the wall and wedge your heel firmly against the wall.

Draw a line on the floor at the level of the longest toe. You can also place the foot on a piece of paper if you don't want to make a mark on the floor. Do this for both feet, as often our feet are not the same length.

Now measure the result, for both feet and take the larger of the two numbers.

Warning: if you use a ruler, take into account that there is generally a small space before the zero ... So preferably use a tape measure

Other remarks:

If the difference between the 2 feet is more than 3mm, the correct size may be hard to find.

Also, if your second toe is 3mm longer than your big toe, the correct size may be difficult to find.

The Male and Female models are distinguished by the width of the foot. A size 41 man might be suitable for a woman with wide feet. Rather rarely is the reverse suitable - a women's size for a man.

Don't choose too tight a size. Unlike normal shoes, it would be best not to have too much space between the toe and the toes of the Fivefingers. On the other hand, having a finger on the back, between the heel and the tip of the shoe is not very serious.